Sunday 25 August 2019

Mindless Wexford intruders destroyed life-saving equipment

David O'Grady with some the first aid bags that were rifled.
David O'Grady with some the first aid bags that were rifled.

David Tucker

the head of the Order of Malta in Wexford has hit out at the mindless intruders who broke into his car and ruined vital, life-saving medical equipment.

David O'Grady said two bags, which were clearly marked as medical kits, were gone through and rifled by the thieves, who tore open clear plastic packaging containing manual rescuscitators used in life-saving emergency treatment, which they then discarded.

Among the medical equipment stolen from his car was a blood pressure monitoring device and an SPO device for checking pulse rates.

David said the consequences of the incident could have proved fatal.

'If I hadn't spotted this and someone's life was at stake, there could have been a life lost, a mammy's, a daddy's or a child's,' he told this newspaper.

'I don't know if this was opportunistic or if they were looking for drugs. They could have taken the bags with everything in them, but instead they searched through them and tore open bags you could clearly see through, and then left them useless. I am at a loss as to why they did this,' he said.

David, who lives in Bernadette Place, said all the medical equipment in his car had been his own personal kit which travelled with him in case of emergencies.

He said two other cars had been broken into in the area on the same night, the thieves somehow getting into the boot of one car without setting off an alarm. An iPad was taken from one, but there was nothing stolen from the other.

David said his missing and ruined equipment would cost several hundred euro to replace.

He said that during a recent visit to Kilmore Quay, Shane Carroll, from the Silver Fox had called him in and presented him with a 'substantial' cheque to help him out. 'It was a very nice and much-appreciated gesture,' he said.

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