Saturday 24 August 2019

Mistaken identity led to assault on teen

A FORTY-YEAR-OLD man who assaulted a teenager after his own son was hospitalised was given the benefit of the Probation Act when he appeared before Wexford District Court this week, on the condition that he makes a €250 payment to the victim.

Francis Lawlor, of 61 St Aidan's, Wexford, admitted it was a case of mistaken identity when he assaulted a 15-year-old youth on Newtown Road at 1.45 a.m. on September 5, 2009.

The court heard that the defendant had just been to the A&E department of Wexford General Hospital with his own teenage son, following an earlier incident. He was on his way to the Garda Station when he stopped his car on Newtown Road and assaulted the teenager, who he thought had assaulted his son.

He later admitted that he had been mistaken, and added that the assault he committed was a ' heat of the moment' thing.

The court heard that the defendant has one previous conviction for a public order offence, which dates back to 1997.

The defendant apologised in court for his behaviour and said that he had made a ' terrible mistake'.

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