Friday 17 November 2017

Mobile CCTV to nab motoring litter louts

By Esther Hayden

SNAP! The system will capture images of littering from cars, and take note of the registration numbers.
SNAP! The system will capture images of littering from cars, and take note of the registration numbers.

Wexford County Council is cracking down on littering motorists.

According to the council littering by motorists is one of the largest contributors to the issue of litter in County Wexford.

In partnership with TSS Litter Solutions, the Council has developed a mobile CCTV monitoring system that will capture not only instances of littering from vehicles but will also record the vehicle registration number of the offending vehicles.

The council has identified a number of locations throughout the county that are particularly prone to littering by motorists and will monitor these and other areas throughout the county over the next number of months with a view to detecting offences and prosecuting the registered vehicle owners.

'Wexford County Council spends almost €2.7 million every year collecting and disposing of litter', said Hugh Maguire of the Council's Environment Department.

'Cigarette butts, drink cans, paper coffee cups, takeaway packaging, plastic and glass bottles make up the most common items of litter in Co. Wexford and a small change to people's habits in the disposal of litter will represent a significant financial saving while vastly improving the public image of County Wexford, for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike.'

He said the council has state-of-the-art household recycling centres in the four main county towns where a wide range of materials can be recycled free of charge, including electrical items, cardboard, books, magazines, metals, florescent lights, textiles and batteries.

Wexford County Council also has developed a network of over 110 sites throughout the county for the collection of glass bottles, jars and drink cans.

Fines for littering under the Litter Pollution Act range from €150 to €4,000.

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