Saturday 17 August 2019

Monart's new health cabin is one of just a few in the world

MONART Destination Spa has added to it luxurious facilities with a brand new award-winning hi-tech attraction: a custom built and custom designed Infrared-Pro Cabin has opened at the spa's extensive thermal suite.

The technology has won a number of leading international SPA innovation awards and was sourced and customised for Monart through months of consultation and development between Michael and Liam Anthony Griffin and Klafs of Germany. This technical development is currently not available anywhere else in the world, excluding some very limited sites in Germany.

The Infrared-Pro cabin is available for Monart guests to use freely as part of the Thermal Suite experience, and it offers numerous health benefits to its users.

The proven benefits from infrared heat include that it removes toxins that are stored in the body, improves flexibility and joint mobility, promotes healing, reduces muscle stiffness, soothes pain and arthritic pain, decreases soreness and inflammation, increases circulation, promotes weight loss, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

Usually infrared cabins just permeate rays into the space with no change in intensity providing a generic dose. The Monart infrared-Pro takes these benefits one-step further through personalising the treatment to each guest's individual body type and targeting the heat deep into the body specifically along the spine and surrounding muscles.

Michael Griffin, Griffin Group CEO, commented: 'Hi-tech innovation is at our core and is essential to constantly raise the bar in delivering results for Monart guests. We are dedicated to looking throughout the world for the best innovations 'just' arriving on the market.'

Liam Anthony Griffin, group sales and marketing director, said: 'We have made substantial targeted re-investments at Monart this year to reinforce our world class status of which the Infrared-Pro is a key project. The selection of Monart as a finalist in the World Spa Awards 2014 clearly highlights the benefits of our approach. Being the only finalist from within Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales is another significant recognition of our team.'

All-Ireland multiple gold medalist athlete Kelly Proper was on hand at Monart to try out the new Infrared-Pro cabin. She said: 'The InfraRed-Pro experience at Monart was incredibly simple to use, really relaxing, and I can see that it would be of huge benefit to me during intensive training periods. I really could feel the warmth in my back long after the treatment had ended.'

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