Thursday 27 June 2019

Monumental community spirit in Taghmon

Community volunteers at work on the Parle, Creane and Hogan Monument in Taghmon
Community volunteers at work on the Parle, Creane and Hogan Monument in Taghmon

Maria Pepper

The Parle Creane and Hogan monument in the centre of Taghmon has been given a facelift thanks to a project under the Community Enhancement Programme with Wexford County Council's Local Community Development Committee.

Wexford Local Development worked with individuals and groups in Tagmon under the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme to develop an amenity area for development and after much consultation and many suggested ideas, the monument at the bottom of Main Street was selected.

Work began in September and is now almost complete, with many people having been involved at different stages, helping out with various aspects of the project.

The monument and surrounds were sandblasted, railings were painted with protective paint, seating areas were stripped and power-washed, new treated timbers were painted and re-installed; two picnic benches provided and 17 tonnes of stone spread on the ground while new planters and flowers are on their way.

When a lorry load of stone was recently delivered, up to 20 local people gathered to offer help in spreading it out on a wet afternoon and as the job was coming to an end, a local business sent refreshments out for everyone involved.

'Community spirit is alive and well in Taghmon. It is fantastic to see so much enthusiasm in a rural village like this and how individuals and groups of people working together can achieve great things', said Dubháin Kavanagh, Community Development Project Officer with Wexford Local Development.

Many people have been involved in the project since the start, including members of Taghmon's Men's Shed who did a lot of the physical work.

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