Thursday 22 August 2019

More than half of Wexford's Christmas tree site will be a car park

MORE than half of the so-called Christmas tree site on Belvedere Road will become a car park for the new court house.

The news follows comments by a senior council official who told the last meeting of the Wexford borough district council that the site had been earmarked for social housing.

But now, Tony Larkin, the Director of Services for Economic Development and Planning, says that after the issue was raised by former mayor Cllr George Lawlor he had had discussions with various parties and the social housing scheme will not require all of the site.

Mr Larkin told members in an email that chief executive Tom Enright has approved the construction of a car park on the remaining area, about 60 per cent of the site, the decision welcomed by Cllr Lawlor. 'The projects will be developed independently and I would expect the car park to proceed first, having regard to the requirements of the social housing programme,' said Mr Larkin, adding that he would brief members on a projected timeframe at the next meeting of the council.

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