Monday 16 September 2019

'Mother Goose' a massive hit with audience

THE CURTAIN came down on a hugely successful run of 'Mother Goose' at the Dun Mhuire Theatre on Sunday.

The high-jinks of Wexford Pantomime Society has enthralled audiences throughout all of last week, with the impressive local talent garnering rave reviews from both the young and not so young who attended their shows.

'Mother Goose' was a local effort in every sense, from the one hundred plus performers to the scriptwriter, director, choreographer, musical director, and lighting and set designers, showcasing the best of Wexford. The huge effort put into preparing the show was clear for all to see and there was plenty of toe-tapping numbers and side-splitting comedy for everyone to enjoy as the panto society blasted away the January Blues for a few hours at least!

'Mother Goose' was directed by Tom O'Leary, who also wrote the script, which brought out the very best in the fantastic Wexford cast.

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