Wednesday 24 January 2018

Mother wins fight for respite care for autistic children

By David Looby

Jane ,Evan and Ciara Johnstone
Jane ,Evan and Ciara Johnstone
LEFT: The story as highlighted in this newspaper last week.

A WEXFORD mother of two severely autistic boys has won her fight to maintain their respite care for the next six months.

Jane Johnstone met with HSE staff in Wexford on Wednesday where they agreed to sanction the continuation of respite care until October with a review in September.

Ms Johnstone cares for her sons Evan (14), and Daniel (10) with the support of respite workers, who provide 16 hours a week care between the two boys.

Her husband Rod died suddenly aged 50 in October from a massive cardiac arrest while preparing the children for school.

Respite care was granted for the boys from the HSE, including two over night stays per month for Evan, assistance with preparation for school for Evan for one hour each week day morning and also some Saturday and after school respite for both boys.

Ms Johnstone said: 'Even though nothing will change. Rod will still be gone and the boys will still have autism, but I am glad and I'm relieved that we'll have some support for the next six months. I'm going to put the fight to the back of my mind as I really feel I've been put through the ringer, but it's always worth fighting for your family.'

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Ms Johnstone received an apology from the HSE in Wexford for their delay in getting back to her about the care of her children with a new communication system now in place.

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