Tuesday 28 January 2020

Motion aims to save lives of stray dogs

'Shameful record' on rehoming dogs
'Shameful record' on rehoming dogs

Padraig Byrne at Wexford County Council meeting

Wexford's poor record when it comes to the euthanization of stray animals came up for discussion at this month's County Council meeting.

Cllr Lisa McDonald put forward a motion that would allow stray animals taken in by the council's dog warden to be photographed and displayed online, giving them a better chance at being re-homed rather than put down.

'Wexford has a shameful record when it comes to killing dogs in our pounds,' she said. 'We were the second highest in the country last year; only Kerry had a higher rate. In order to reduce the amount of dogs being put down, I'm proposing we allow them to be photographed and put online.'

'They've done similar in Carlow and Kilkenny and they've seen a substantial reduction in the amount of animals put down as a result of allowing voluntary groups in on a regular basis to photograph them.'

Cllr McDonald said that South East Animal Rescue have already been in touch with her and pledged their support to help the dog warden with the process.

Cllr Frank Staples said that the high rate of dogs being put down also showed that the council were 'doing a good job' as the dog warden was bringing in these stray animals. He said that the admin involved in Cllr McDonald's motion could be an issue, but he supported it.

Cllr Davy Hynes noted that he had taken in two rescue dogs and cats himself and suggested that Wexford County Council get more involved in preaching the message that a pet is not just for Christmas.

The members were unanimously in favour of the motion and it was adopted.

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