Saturday 16 December 2017

Mum to pay compensation following 'burger whack'

A 27-YEAR-OLD mother-of-one who assaulted staff in a fast food outlet with a burger has been ordered to pay €600 compensation.

Sinead Bergin, of 50 Strandfield Manor, Spawell Road, Wexford, pleaded guilty to assaulting Elizabeth Fortune at Burger Mac, Selskar Street, Wexford, on February 16, 2013. She also pleaded guilty to assaulting Mary Byrne on the same occasion.

Bergin further pleaded guilty to having been intoxicated in a public place, South Main St., Wexford, on July 7, 2013, and also with using threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour on that occasion.

Inspector Pat McDonald said the defendant bought a burger but then she threw it back into the face of the staff members, striking Elizabeth Fortune. Mary Byrne also came into contact with the burger.

In relation to the offence at South Main Street, Inspector McDonald told the court that Garda Fitzgerald approached the defendant who was intoxicated. She became quite abusive and aggressive on the occasion.

Defence Solicitor Ms Colette Culleton told the court that the defendant had no previous convictions. She had entered a plea to the offences which occurred at a time when she was completely off the rails.

Ms Culleton also said that at the time she began to drink heavily with the result she got into a lot of trouble. She is ashamed of her actions and has written a letter of apology to the two girls. The defendant, she said, is no longer drinking. She is 27 years of age and mother of one child.

Judge Lindsay asked if she had any compensation for the injured party.

Ms Culleton said she is on social welfare and would need an adjournment.

Judge Lindsay said he adjourn the matter to allow for €400 compensation be paid to Elizabeth Fortune and €200 compensation for Mary Byrne.

He remanded the defendant on continuing bail to April 7, 2014, telling her that all compensation must be paid by that date.

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