Monday 18 December 2017

Mutt Mitts join the first against dog dirt in Wexford

By David tucker

One of the new Mutt Mitt dispensers.
One of the new Mutt Mitt dispensers.

first we had Pooper Scoopers, now we have Mutt Mitts - the latest weapon in the arsenal to combat the plague of dog dirt in Wexford town.

Phil Murphy, from Tidy Towns, in Wexford, said Mutt Mitts were now to be found up and around Whitemill Industrial Estate where people often went walking their dogs.

'We're hoping people will use them, but you always get those who are never going to use anything,' said Phil.

Mutt Mitts are like a puncture resistant glove that is turned inside out once the dog mess is collected. They are then tied off and put into the nearest receptacles.

Phil said some receptacles were already in place and others would be installed once the success of the Tidy Towns' initiative was known.

At the worst, she said, people using a Mutt Mitt would have to walk a short distance to find one.

'Many of the ordinary plastic bags that were used by some people out with their dogs ended up being thrown into ditches, which created even more work for us,' said Phil.

Prior to the acquisition of the Mutt Mitts, the issue had been raised a number of times at the council by former mayor Cllr George Lawlor, who was delighted at the news.

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