Wednesday 20 February 2019

Mystery over Lotto winners - but they are from Wexford

Deirdre and John Brady, the owners of Mace in Kilmore Quay.
Deirdre and John Brady, the owners of Mace in Kilmore Quay.

Anna Hayes

The winners of a €2 million winning Lotto ticket, which was sold in Brady's Mace Store in Kilmore Quay last month, have collected their prize.

The overjoyed family do not wish to be named but they are from Wexford and were enjoying a holiday in Kilmore Quay at the beginning of June. The ticket was sold on the day of the draw on June 16.

The unsuspecting family bought the jackpot-winning ticket on 'a whim'.

They said: 'The moment we found out about the win was just a truly magical and an indescribable experience! We had heard about the Lotto win in the town but we still weren't convinced that it could be us.'

They checked their numbers on the National Lottery website: 'My husband stopped me as I entered the last one and said: 'Be careful, the next number could change your life'. He sounded very profound at the time.'

The family waited almost three weeks before making themselves known and the winning mother admitted to having a novel hiding place for the ticket - her fake eyelash case!

She said: 'I always thought that if I ever won the Lotto, I would be celebrating like a mad woman for weeks on end. It's a different story when it actually happens though.'

She said they had been quite sensible and had taken some advice before coming forward to claim the prize.

'We obviously had to hide the ticket in case we had a break-in so I neatly folded the ticket into my fake eyelashes case. I've certainly never heard of any burglar raiding a woman's make-up bag for fake eyelashes!' she laughed.

The family has no immediate plans but said they would share the windfall with family and other causes in their local community. They said it had been a very surreal three weeks as the win sunk in.

'We have told some very close family members but other than that, we will be keeping our win private. The €2 million won't change us but it will allow us to make a difference to our own lives while we also have some plans to discreetly help those in our community.'

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