Saturday 25 November 2017

Mythen delivers message of change

Johnny Mythen with his cousin Aidan Mythen at St. Aidan's Villas.
Johnny Mythen with his cousin Aidan Mythen at St. Aidan's Villas.

A chance for a change was what election candidate Johnny Mythen offered to residents of St Aidan's Villas as he led his campaign trail through his local neighbourhood.

The Sinn Fein candidate had his offer accepted by the many familiar faces who opened their doors to their former neighbour, along with his sister Margaret and family friend Collette.

'It's time for a change. It has to change,' said resident of St Aidan's Villas Sean Roche. 'For years, ministers have been promising things left right and centre.'

Johnny, who began knocking on doors two months ago, said that two of the main issues he has come across during his campaign have been repossession and 'regressive taxes'.

'People are worried about the water and property taxes,' he said. 'There's no inability built into them. There are so many people unable to pay and it is crippling people.'

Lack of employment is another issue that Mythen has been questioned on time and time again, one that he said he can see in every community that he visits, including St Aidan's Villas.

'The fact that we have younger people answering the door here at this time of the day just shows you that there is a jobs problem,' he said. 'I know people talk about an increase in IT jobs but not everyone can be an IT engineer.

According to Johnny, his campaign had been met with success so far, with many people saying that they are willing to give him a chance.

'People are saying that they want a change. There hasn't been a change for over 90 years,' he told local resident Bernard O'Neill who greeted the candidate with a warm welcome.

'I need a change,' said Bernard. 'I just paid €17.50 for a subscription.'

Though there was plenty of talk of change, there was also an air of familiarity when Mythen went from door to door as many of his relatives still reside on the street, including Aidan Mythen.

'Aidan is concerned about cuts to the Christmas bonus,' explained Cllr Mythen following a catch-up with the man in question . 'The way I see it, the Christmas bonus is a good thing as it puts money right back into the local economy. It's not rocket science.'

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