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Nancy sadly passes away after her long battle with cancer

The late Nancy Fellows.
The late Nancy Fellows.

By Sara Gahan

Devoted mother and loving wife Nancy DeLacey Fellows has sadly passed away July 7, 2017 after years of battling cancer.

Nancy was born in 1949 to Richard and Elizabeth Lacey and grew up on Abbey Street, Wexford town.

At an early age Nancy moved to England with her family. Later, in 1969, she worked on Oxford Street, London as a security consultant, followed by her job in Gatwick Airport in airline security.

While in England Nancy met her soon-to-be husband Paul Fellows, the two got married in 1990 in Crawley followed by a reception with close friends and family,

Nancy and Paul both returned to Ireland in the same year and lived in Rosslare Harbour for a while before settling down in the quite, remote area of Killurin near Glynn parish.

Nancy worked in Dunnes, Penny's and then Coleman Doyles where she was renowned for her beautiful Christmas shop and window display.

When Nancy's illness took over she later became self-employed as a business security consultant with husband Paul, known as DeLacey Fellows Business & Security Consultants.

She was very well known locally for her Round Robin System product where businesses were able to contact each other if they had security and shop lifting concerns. This system was later adopted by the Gardaí, which is known today as Business Watch.

Nancy was a great supporter of Wexford town and joined many committees to help and improve local businesses.

For the last six years of her life, Nancy decided to join the Glynn parish committee where she assisted with anything to do with the local community.

Glynn parish priest Fr Stafford was always there for the family, especially now during these trying times they are going through and also neighbours Dan and Anne Donovan gave their help and support throughout the years.

Consultants, doctors, nurses and staff in Wexford General Hospital showed so much care to Nancy. Her family are very thankful to the staff in Knockeen Nursing Home, Wexford who made the last few days of Nancy's life as comfortable as possible.

Hairdressers Pat and Brenda Murphy always kept Nancy looking neat and tidy, even when she lost her hair and had to wear a wig.

The family would like to thank all who have been there for them and as well to Marion O'Neil for her ongoing support during Nancy's final weeks.

Nancy was laid to rest July 11, 2017 in Whitechurch Cemetery. She will sadly be missed by husband Paul, daughter Alison, mother-in-law Daphne who was very happy when she joined the family, brother Ben, sisters Breda and Jean, her aunt Ann, uncle Eddie, cousins Jeanette, Vickie, Diane, Lorraine, Kathleen and Danny, friends, business acquaintances and neighbours.

The months mind Mass will be held Saturday, August 5, at 8 p.m., in Glynn parish village church.

In memory of his sister Nancy, Ben wrote a poem called 'Death in a Quiet Room':

The hustle of life continues,

The greetings, the chatter.

The sound of tea trolleys as they rattle

Welcomed by thirsty lips.

And the staff's merry hellos returned,

Chirpingly, by those waiting to die.

The half opened door, enough

To give the sound of life its voice,

Yet closed enough to let

The creeping shadow of death

The privacy it needs to do

It's time honoured task.

The gentle knock on the door.

The smiling face and quiet, hushed voice:

'Ah the love, still she sleeps.

Tis sleep she needs'. Though not rest

For a stronger morn.

The door closes and the hoover glides on.

And all the sounds become as one.

Not invasive, disrespectful

Or in any way inappropriate.

Just the chatter of life continuing,

As we watch each struggling breath, waiting

For death in a quiet room.

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