Friday 24 November 2017

National opera company in Wexford would be logical step

A letter in the Irish Times says there is a certain logic in designating the theatre in Wexford as Ireland's National Opera House, but says its impressive title does not match the results.

It is far and away the best opera house in the country, writes Lindsay Armstrong, from Ranelagh, excellently equipped both backstage and front of house, possessing fine acoustics and appropriate seating capacity. There is no similar building in Dublin, nor is there likely to be in the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, the impressive title does not match the results as, at present, less than two weeks of opera actually take place in the theatre in the entire year - a truly Gilbertian comic opera situation! The logical step to rectifying this topsy-turvy affair would be to make the theatre fit the title by establishing a full-time national opera company based in Wexford. Such an investment in the arts by the Government would be an immense economic and cultural boost, not only to the town of Wexford.. but to the whole country.. surely utilising to the full the splendid facilities of the National Opera House is infinitely better than the existing situation?

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