Friday 20 September 2019

National radon forum held in Wexford

EPA Headquarters at Johnstown Castle.
EPA Headquarters at Johnstown Castle.

David Tucker

The 12th National Radon Forum, held at the EPA Headquarters in Wexford last week, reviewed the progress on the implementation of the National Radon Control Strategy.

Dr. Ann Mc Garry, Director of the EPA's Office of Radiological Protection said good progress has been made on the implementation of the National Strategy in its first year.

'This progress is as a result of strong engagement and good collaboration between the Departments and Agencies with a remit to tackle radon. The EPA has an important role in implementing the Strategy including providing the data and information needed to guide its roll out. It is essential that this momentum is maintained to ensure that the number of radon-related lung cancers in Ireland are reduced.'

Participants were told of the work to make information about radon more accessible to homeowners and employers, work to improve the effectiveness of preventive measures in new buildings and to ensure public confidence in the radon industry.

The results of research carried out by the EPA were also presented, including the cost of radon remediation, the impact of energy retrofitting on indoor radon levels and the average national indoor radon level.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that originates from the decay of uranium in rocks and soils. It has no smell, colour or taste and can only be detected using special detectors. Outdoors, radon quickly dilutes to harmless concentrations but when it enters an enclosed space, such as a house or other building, it can accumulate to unacceptably high concentrations

Detailed information on radon and its risks, including information on how to get your home or workplace tested for radon is available on the EPAs website or via freefone 1800 300 600

The National Radon Control Strategy (NRCS), which covers a four year period to 2018, is led by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.

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