Saturday 21 September 2019

Naturists want designated nude area at Curracloe

The poster for the beach gathering last May
The poster for the beach gathering last May
ABOVE: the poster for the beach gathering last May and LEFT: the front page of the Wexford People from May 10


THE Irish Naturist Association has asked Wexford County Council to set aside a section of beach at Curracloe as a designated nude bathing area.

Pat Gallagher, President and PRO of the association, told this newspaper the submission followed publicity surrounding a recent visit to the area by some of his members and remarks by then-Mayor Cllr Ger Carthy that he would be in favour in allocating a desisnated section of the beach to naturists.

Mr Gallagher suggested an area of the beach, near the Raven, could be designated as naturist or clothing optional 'where naturists could swim and sunbathe nude'. 'We suggest that a portion of the Reserve parallel to the beach be included in the designated area. It is secluded and can only be reached after a long walk. We suggest that signs such as "Nude bathers may be seen beyond this point", be put up to ensure that any member of the public visiting the area will not be shocked or offended,' Mr Gallagher says in his letter to the council, which was sent to Cllr Carthy. When news of the last naturists visit to Curracloe broke in May, Cllr Carthy said the bottom line was that; 'If I went naked on the streets of Wexford, I would get arrested.. it's against the law to go naked in a public place in Ireland.' He said that despite the legal issues, he was sure he would be able to find the naturists a more isolated spot on the county's coastline than at popular beauty spots like Curracloe.Mr Gallagher said the associated wanted to stress that 'we would never seek to cause offence or to impose our views on those who would be offended by nudity in a public place'.

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