Sunday 20 October 2019

New boxing club for Bridgetown

By esther Hayden

It's all go in the Bridgetown area with the initial stages of a boxing club being put in place following a meeting at the local community hall.

Organiser Cllr Mick Roche said the prospect of a new boxing club in the town is creating a lot of interest around the locality. 'There is a massive catchment area around Bridgetown ranging from Kilmore, Duncormic, Rathangan, Murrintown, Ballymore and Mayglass.

'It would be very beneficial for everyone, both children and adults, to get involved', he said.

There will be a further meeting on November 19 in the AOH Hall in Bridgetown at 8pm with a view to forming a committee and deciding on a name for the club. He said that the club will be looking for coaches and sponsorship going forward and added that funding will play a major role in getting the club up and running.

Anyone willing to help can contact Mick Roche on 086 1004550 or

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