Monday 14 October 2019

New cycle safety campaign

A campaign urging national school pupils to promote cycling safety awareness has been launched by Wexford County Council.

The National School Cycling Safety Campaign aims to increase cycling safety awareness among pupils in the council and by extension increase the awareness of adult drivers.

The council is encouraging pupils to pass on their knowledge of cycling awareness to their parents and guardians. All national schools have been contacted, asking each class in the school to complete an online questionnaire, testing the students powers of observation when watching Wexford County Council cycling safety videos.

Once all the classes in a school submit the completed questionnaire, the council will send on some 'Stayin Alive at 1.5' car rear window stickers (one for each family) to the school.

Pupils then need to ask their parents/guardians for permission to: add the sticker to the rear window of their vehicle; take a photo of the window (with sticker) and registration plate and email

One email will be selected from all the emails received and the winner will be notified via the School Principal. The winning family/student will receive a prize of €50.

Wexford People