Friday 20 September 2019

New fertility research is positive news for couples

Declan Keane, Director at ReproMed Ireland, with Pillar Healthcare's Matt Ronan and Mark Whitney.
Declan Keane, Director at ReproMed Ireland, with Pillar Healthcare's Matt Ronan and Mark Whitney.

By Esther Hayden

New research shows that pre Conceive supplements produced by Enniscorthy company Pillar Healthcare coupled with nutritional advice improves key fertility levels in couples.

More than eight out of 10 Irish men tested as part of Europe's first ever clinical study on the impact of nutritional supplements on male and female fertility showed improvements in their sperm motility as well as reduced cell damage to their sperm.

The clinical study on pre-Conceive and the effect on both male and female fertility parameters shows that progressive motility, which measures sperm cells swimming in the right direction, was greatly improved when the supplement was taken over a 90 day period. The study also showed reduced cellular damage to sperm cells throughout the testing period.

The 90 day clinical study into pre-Conceive, incorporating a healthier diet and lifestyle, has provided 'optimistic results' for the 20 infertile Irish couples who took part. The independent analysis also indicates better fertility rates in men and women, boasting improvements in DNA and motility. They're now planning a much larger study with a leading Irish medical hub involving over 100 couples to further validate our findings.

Independent medical expert, Dr David Smallbone said 'This new study shows that pre-Conceive combined with nutritional and lifestyle advice improves the environment for healthy sperm cell and egg development. A larger study is now required to validate if pre-Conceive can improve overall fertility in patients.

The study took three months and involved 20 Irish couples scattered across the country who have been unable to conceive. Each couple was exclusively selected by ReproMed Ireland who charted their pre-study health, monitored them over the 90 days and conducted the final tests.

Pillar Healthcare says over 70 Irish couples who have taken pre-Conceive over the last year have since contacted them to confirm they have gone on to conceive.

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