Wednesday 12 December 2018

New fishy tale off Wexford coast

The Grey Trigger Fish found at Ballytrent.
The Grey Trigger Fish found at Ballytrent.

By David tucker

the waters off the Wexford coast seem to be attracting some unusual marine species with Blue Fin Tuna and Portuguese Man-O-War jellyfish among recent attractions.

The latest comes in the shape of a fish more accustomed to much warmer waters than ours.

Jamie Ryan, from Rosslare RNLI, said he found what turned out to be a two lbs Grey Trigger Fish on the beach at Ballytrent.

'It's very unusual for our waters,' said Jamie.

According to the sea-angling-ireland website the Grey Trigger Fish is a late summer migrant, which weighs up to 15 lbs (7 kgs), and is carried to Ireland on the Gulf Stream.

Since first being found in South West Cork and Kerry it has spread north and east. The Ballytrent find would appear to be the first reported off the Wexford coast.

Take care of the sharp spines down at the tail and keep you fingers out of the mouth as it has very sharp teeth for snapping off coral.

It has been caught in increasing numbers off the southern and western coasts in recent years and has been added to the ISFC list as a result.

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