Sunday 17 December 2017

New mayor takes chains of office



WEXFORD'S historic gold chains of office were handed from colleague to comrade on Monday night as Cllr David Hynes was elected Mayor of Wexford.

A large gathering of Labour Party supporters was present in Wexford Arts Centre on Monday night as Cllr Hynes was presented with the chains from his Labour party cohort, the outgoing Mayor Cllr Joe Ryan.

Proposed by Cllr Ted Howlin and seconded by Cllr George Lawlor, Cllr Hynes was unopposed and unanimously elected by the Borough Council members, who were all present, with the exception of Cllr Danny Forde, who sent his apologies.

Also during the course of the meeting Cllr Howlin was unanimously elected deputy mayor of the town.

Cllr Hynes previously served as Mayor of Wexford in the 20042005 term. In proposing him for the position Cllr Howlin remarked on Cllr Hynes's years helping people with addiction through the Cornmarket project.

' This gives him a unique insight into a lot of the problems facing people in this town,' he said.

He also thought it fitting that in a year when Wexford celebrates the centenary of the 1911 Lockout in Pierce's that Cllr Hynes would wear the mayoral roles.

'I know he will do a great job, and will represent Wexford in an exemplary way,' he said.

In accepting the position, Cllr Hynes noted that during his last mayoral term in 2004 Wexford was enjoying the height of the boom.

'Recession has hit, and it's hit hard. We will be struggling for a few years yet, but we can take great pride in our achievements over the last few years,' he said.

He noted that keeping commercial rates at a standstill over the last two years while still maintaining services was a credit to the council, while he also noted that the final stretch of the Main Street refurbishment will be completed this year.

CCTV for the Main Street and the development of the park in Carcur are all plans that will be forwarded during his mayoral year.

Tributes were also paid to Cllr Ryan for his work in the previous year, and thanks were also extended to his wife Therese and family for their patience during a very busy year.

After handing over the chains, Cllr Ryan paid tribute to his successor, and to his wife Margaret.

' The mayoralty needs someone of energy and vision. We need a mayor who engages and I think you are that,' he said.

Tributes were paid to both the incoming and outgoing Mayors from all members present on Monday night. Afterwards celebrations were had in the nearby Thomas Moore Tavern.

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