Tuesday 23 January 2018

New rent supplement scheme coming later this year

Rent prices
Rent prices

A new rent supplement scheme called the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP), to be administered by the County Council, will be introduced in Wexford later this year.

The scheme which will replace the rent supplement payment currently processed by the Department of Social Protection, is already in operation in 19 counties around Ireland.

Wexford's senior housing officer Liz Hore believes the new scheme will provide a better picture of the housing list which has been distorted by the existing rent supplement requirement that to qualify for the payment, a recipient must have applied for a local authority house.

'That distorts the true picture because some people are still on the list even though they may be happy with their accommodation. We will get a better picture with HAP,' she said.

'I welcome the Housing Assistance Payment from the point of view that we will start to get a truer picture of the people who will require houses from us.'

An applicant for a Housing Assistance Payment who is assessed as eligible by the Council, will be deemed housed and taken off the housing list but can subsequently apply for a transfer to a local authority home.

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