Sunday 17 December 2017

New system called into question

BEFORE July's deadline, the majority of people who had not come forward to licence their gun were people who live in a rural area and who hold one shotgun.

Gardai made themselves available in June on national firearms licensing awareness day, to help people fill out the new form to receive the new certificate.

While Garda sources locally admit that the new system has led to difficulties, they are determined that all firearms out there are regularised or certified.

For some gun owners, the new system has turned into a costly affair, as they turn to the courts to challenge refusals for certain types of firearms. Other gun owners have expressed frustration that their applications have either been lost or caught up in a very long queue for processing.

Des Crofton of the National Association of Regional Game Councils of Ireland said he would be interested in knowing how many applications are still in Garda Stations unprocessed.

'The system is just in chaos. I'm dealing with this on a national level, and am hearing stories from all over the country,' he said.

He added that many gun owners have told him they believe their forms have been misplaced in Garda Stations, leading to added frustrations for them, but that Gardai tell him this is not the case.

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