Sunday 17 December 2017

New Wexford-based firm could employ 60

David Tucker

Siddhardh Kasana
Siddhardh Kasana

An Indian businessman has established a new 'flight crew resourcing' company in Wexford town, which could eventually lead to the creation of 60 jobs.

New Delhi-based Siddhardh Kasana had a soft opening for his company Masadavia Limited, in Ardcavan, earlier this month.

'We have a team of four, with me that will make five, they are all local talent, originally Wexford people.

'We provide pilots to airlines, we are an agency that gives commercial pilots the experience to become airline pilots,' Mr Kasana told this newspaper.

'We are looking at employing 20 OR 25 more people in the first year and over the next four years anything between 55 and 60,' he said, adding that in the main the company was looking for people with engineering or telecommunications diplomas as well as those with good marketing skills.

Asked why he had decided on setting up in Ireland and Wexford, he replied:

'I chose Ireland because of the technical skills here, the low tax rate, the ample pool of talent and good and flexible policies for people coming in to set up.. I chose Wexford because when you come to the place, you just fall in love with it.'

The new company was set up without the assistance of the IDA, but with the full support and cooperation of the borough council which has been working behind the scenes on the project for several months.

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