Friday 24 May 2019

Nicky lands new role as opera manager

New Wexford Festival Opera Company Manager Nicky Kehoe
New Wexford Festival Opera Company Manager Nicky Kehoe

Maria Pepper

Wexford native Nicky Kehoe has been appointed to the role of Company Manager at Wexford Festival Opera.

Nicky has been a volunteer with the Opera Festival for many years and is also well-known through his long involvement in Wexford Light Opera Society.

When Wexford Opera House, now the National Opera House, opened in 2008, he became Front of House Manager for all non-Festival events, a position he continues to hold.

In 2013, Nicky was appointed Assistant Company Manager to assist with the growing demands of the Festival, a job which demands experience in the arts and strong organisational and people skills.

When a vacancy opened recently for a new Company Manager, Artistic Director David Agler was quick to promote Nicky to the key position.

'Wexford Festival Opera produces six original, often unknown, operas in five weeks in four venues, involving over 200 company members, many of whom are cast involved in more than one production', said Mr. Agler.

'This is what makes the Festival unique, but also makes it one of the most demanding Festivals for anyone to manage.'

'Coordinating rehearsal schedules, costume fittings, production schedules, in addition to any day to day human resource responsibilities of the visiting artists requires a highly organised, diplomatic and patient person.'

'We are very fortunate to have someone like Nicky in this role. Over the years Wexford has been able to source high calibre personnel locally and help them develop their careers to an international standard.'

'It is with great pleasure Nicky has accepted this position', he said. The 67th Opera Festival opens on October 19 next.

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