Wednesday 13 December 2017

Nicky takes on some new responsibilities

LONG-TIME Festival volunteer Nicky Kehoe will take his first step into professional theatre the year as he takes on the role of assistant company manager for the 2010 Festival.

Since 1985 Nicky has had an association with Wexford Festival Opera, experiencing life in all sorts of departments in a volunteer capacity.

'I started out as a volunteer backstage worker and spent a good few years doing that,' he said.

From there he became a volunteer driver, then went front of house, and ultimately was made bar manager.

Now, for the first time, Nicky is temporarily leaving his full-time job as a shop manager for JJ Murphys to work full time under company manager Juliano Guerini.

It's an opportunity which Nicky says is allowing him to upskill.

'I thought I was fairly organised until I came into this job,' he said, adding that the role involves organising rehearsal schedules for all of the companies across eight different venues.

Anything that happens in the day must go through the company management, and it's up to Juliano and Nicky to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

'It's quite a learning curve. But if I never go into doing something like this full time the skill I learn from being here will be of major benefit for me in anything that I do in the future.'

'It really helps me look at things from a different angle,' he said.

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