Tuesday 12 December 2017

Nightmare nears its end after man found guilty of Wexford man's murder

David Tucker

The late Kenyon 'Kenny' Meyler
The late Kenyon 'Kenny' Meyler
the late kenny meyler

The heartbroken family of Wexford man Kenny Meyler say they are relieved to be near the end of a two-year nightmare following the murder conviction in Australia of the man who stabbed him to death.

'Justice was done,' said Kenny's grandfather Sean Meyler, following Friday's conviction of Dubliner Vincent Martin Crowe, who stabbed the 21-year-old Wexford man at a party in the Perth suburb of Scarborough. Crowe is due to be sentenced on Thursday (October 1).

'It was a murder in the full view of many people,' said Mr Meyler, from John's Road.

'We're relieved at the verdict, relieved that justice was done. We've been through this for nearly two-and-a-half years and the havoc and sorrow it has caused. It has been an absolute nightmare and at last we're reaching the end of it.'

Mr Meyler said he had attended the first trial which ended when the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict.

He said Kenyon's mother Melanie, his grandson Lloyd and son Sean, were in Perth for the re-trial with the late Wexford man's father Dermot Moloney, who lives in Sweden.

'Melanie is staying there until the sentence is announced, then she will be returning home,' he said.

Mr Meyler said he wanted to reject any suggestion or implication that Kenyon had been on drugs at the party he was attending when he was killed by Crowe, or at any other time.

'He was an amateur boxer and never into drugs. He was very fit.'

The prosecution is looking for a life sentence for Crowe who told the Western Australian Supreme Court he did not remember the stabbing because he had been drinking and had taken the drug mephedrone, popularly known as meow meow.

He admitted the offence of unlawful killing, but the jury convicted him of the more serious crime of murder.

Both men were working in Perth, but did not know each other, although on the night before the stabbing they had been drinking with mutual friends.

Mr Meyler was stabbed in the right side of the neck by Crowe.

It is the second time Crowe has stood trial, after another jury was unable to reach a verdict in October 2014.

During the first trial, the court heard that Crowe began drinking in bars on the night of February 9, 2013, and then went to a nightclub where he took ecstasy, drank more alcohol and met Kenny Meyler through a mutual friend.

At about 4 a.m, Crowe took mephedrone at a party in an apartment which continued into the following afternoon, February 10.

At about 1 p.m. that day there was a verbal dispute between Crowe's friend David Murphy and Kenny Meyler, but they shook hands shortly afterwards.

A witness Michael Lonergan testified that things calmed down and everyone was chatting.

The court was told that at about 2.30 p.m. Crowe grabbed a knife and thrust it into the right side of Kenny's neck as he sat at a dining room table.

Mr Lonergan told the court how he watched Crowe walk to the kitchen to get knife before heading back to where Kenny was sitting.

He said: 'He stabbed Kenny. He didn't seem angry, he seemed calm. He also didn't say anything.' Mr Lonergan recalled how the knife was knocked out of Crowe's hand while he and others dashed to help Kenny, who was on life support for six days before he died. Kenny's grandparents are Sean and the late Una Meyler and Joe and Phyllis Moloney.

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