Monday 14 October 2019

Nightmare of widow losing respite 'lifeline'

By David Looby

A WEXFORD mother of two severely autistic children, whose husband died suddenly in October, faces having her 'lifeline' respite care cut at the end of this month.

Jane Johnstone cares for her sons Evan (14), and Daniel (10) with the support of respite workers, who provide 16 hours a week care between the two boys.

'The support has been a lifeline for my family and has enabled us to survive the past six months.'

Jane said was difficult managing everything when her husband Rod was here, 'but that difficulty has increased by 100 per cent now.'

Despite numerous phone calls and emails in February, she received no word back until a month ago when she was contacted by the HSE informing her that she may no longer be entitled to the same level of respite care.

'I would love to be able to manage better but I'm not superwoman. It's not fair on the boys. You'd imagine after the parent of a child with a disability dies that there would be more help, not less.' full story on page 3

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