Tuesday 17 September 2019

'No Name' stays open, says Cummings

DUBLIN-BASED businessman, Robert Cummings is adamant that 'No Name' Wexford will not close down later this month, despite rumours that the company is set for liquidation.

Mr. Cummings, who is involved with the No Name parent company Onside Ltd., said emphatically on Tuesday that the Wexford branch of 'No Name' has a secure future. No Name Wexford is not closing down. There is no truth to that at all,' he said.

It has been speculated that Onside Ltd. will be wound up at a creditors meeting in early April.

The No Name shop replaced Sasha on Wexford's Golden Mile last year. Nationally the company employs 75 staff in 15 branches, having orignally been founded on Henry Street, Dublin in 1994.

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