Sunday 20 October 2019

No need to worry about letting 'fitters' into home

Householders will not be expected to open their doors to workers fitting water meters, director of water services Eddie Taaffe has advised.

As a rule, the meters will be located at the stop-cock which is generally on the public footpath rather than in private property.

He was responding to a suggestion from Cllr. Michael Sheehan that the installers might be refused entry by some homeowners.

He responded that they will not be asking for permission to enter houses and gardens as they will not require such access.

The situation will be more complicated in apartment blocks where Irish Water may prefer to put in a single common metre and then send one water bill to the relevant management company.

He also predicted that the work of fitting the meters will be open to relatively small contracting firms.

The work is being divided up into bundles of 5,000 households by Irish Water rather than farming out the work to a handful of major firms.

He agreed with Labour's George Lawlor that the work will offer opportunities over the next two or three years to plumbers and other tradesmen across Wexford.

However, he had no figure to offer the meeting for the number of jobs likely to be created.

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