Sunday 17 December 2017

No shortage of parking spaces in Wexford, says Town Clerk

WEXFORD Town Clerk Pat Collins does not agree that there is a shortage of car parking spaces in Wexford.

A Retail Excellence Survey just published shows that people are unhappy with the level of parking in the town.

But the Council boss said the public perception is at odds with the reality.

Welcoming the survey's overall positive findings on Wexford, he said he was disappointed with the car parking result.

' There is a perception out there that there is not enough car parking spaces but that is not the case,' he said.

'I spoke to a traffic warden this morning and I asked him if the car parks are always full and he told me they are never full.'

'Between public and private car parks, I would say there is no problem at all in getting car parking.'

'My view is that if you know the town, it's not that hard to find a space.'

'In the survey, they're talking about spaces within a five minute walking distance,' he said.

However, the Town Clerk accepted that the Council must work to persuade people that there are adequate car parking facilities.

A project in the pipeline will see signs erected at the entrances to town, telling people how many car parking spaces are available in different locations.

'We will have a serious look at it now that it has been pointed out,' said Mr. Collins.

The survey also revealed that Wexford people are unhappy about the cost of car parking in the town.

'Cost is a separate issue,' he said, adding that some people may still not be aware that the local authority provides parking at a cost of €2 a day in areas such as Carcur, Grogan's Road and the Quays.

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