Sunday 20 October 2019

No sign of Milly despite large reward


By Esther Hayden

A husky which has been missing for two weeks still hasn't been found despite the offer of a €1,000 reward.

Family pet Milly went missing on Tuesday, October 27, from her home at Whiterock Hill. Her owner Larisa Kiriste said that Milly was in a field next to the house and then just disappeared. She never came home.'

Yesterday (Monday) Larisa said that despite the reward there is still no sign of Milly.

'We got some calls and people messaged me to say that they had seen various huskies but they weren't Milly. All the pounds in Ireland have our number but we haven't received any calls from them. People have been so helpful between ringing and messaging. I never thought people would be so helpful.'

Larisa said that she is fast losing hope that three and a half year old Milly will come home safely. 'Every day I have less and less hope. She was like a daughter to me. It's so strange how she disappeared so quickly. It is unbelievable the way she went. I don't know if she was scared and ran away or if she was shot or if she was stolen. But I thought the reward of €1,000 that if she was stolen she would be returned because it is more than she is worth.'

Milly is grey, beige and white. If you have seem Milly contact Larisa on 086 1532233.

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