Friday 15 December 2017

Norris tackled on his controversial remarks



COLOURFUL PRESIDENTIAL hopeful David Norris was quizzed on his beliefs on abortion and the controversial comments that have clouded his campaign , when he met with Wexford County Council to seek the support of members on Monday.

Wexford County Council is the first Council visited by the scholarly senator since a media storm erupted over controversial remarks he made 10 years ago in a Magill magazine article.

The Senator, who prior to the campaign quagmire had secured the approval from Fingal County Council, needs the support of three more Councils before his name can be placed on the ballot for the Presidential election.

The recent media controversy surrounds comments made by Senator Norris pertaining to incest, the age of sexual consent.

On Monday he asked Wexford County Council to nominate him for President, therefore allowing his inclusion in the presidential ballot. 'All my life I have been on the outside knocking to be let in; not just for myself but for those I represent,' he said.

In a 15 minute address he said that the pillars of his Presidency, if elected, would be mental health and well being; culture and enterprise.

'My presidency will be one of imagination - the imagination of ourselves as a confident people, the expression of that imagination through culture, innovation, science and the arts and the enterprising imagination needed to which we all aspire,' he said.

North Wexford Councillor Malcolm Byrne encouraged the Council to support Senator Norris and other 'credible' independent candidates. Allowing candidates to put their names before the electorate was 'in the best interest of the country', he said.

Meanwhile Cllr. Padge Reck asked the Senator to outline his position on abortion, while Cllr. Michael Sheehan asked if the recent controversy in his campaign was finished. 'We know you've had a tough couple of weeks. Is that the end of the controversy or will there be more down the line?,' he asked.

In response to Cllr. Reck he said was not pro-abortion. 'I don't know many people who are pro abortion,' he said before iterating his human right records.

In respect of the other matters he said he had been 'misquoted and quoted out of context' in the media and, he said this was all part of the 'political game'. 'I don't know who is behind it, and I'm not interested in the source,' he said.

Wexford County Council have agreed not to make a decision on who, or if, they will endorse any candidate for the Presidential election until they meet with other candidates seeking their support.

The Council have also been asked to endorse Sean Gallagher, Dr. Pat Jones, Noel Martin O'Rourke and Mary Davis.

In the last Presidential election Wexford County Council gave their endorsement to victim rights campaigner and Bunclody resident Derek Nally.

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