Sunday 18 March 2018

'Not pushing a route'

A SPOKESMAN for the Crossabeg community now says his group will not be actively pushing any particular routes for the proposed Oylegate to Rosslare motorway.

Tom Bermingham contacted the Wexford People last Friday following remarks he made the previous week that suggested otherwise. He said that the Crossabeg committee remains opposed to the motorway (no matter what route is selected) in principle and all routes through their own parish.

However, he said they will not be pushing the only route that does not go through their parish.

'We're not going to be actively campaigning for route H,' said Tom. 'We don't feel it would be fair for us to make a case for any motorway running through a neighbouring parish and we wouldn't expect any of our neighbours to make a case for a motorway going through Crossabeg.'

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