Tuesday 18 June 2019

Nuclear plant submission date

An artist’s impression of the proposed new plant on the coast of Anglesey
An artist’s impression of the proposed new plant on the coast of Anglesey
A map showing the plant’s location

Brendan Keane

People in Wexford only have a matter of weeks left to have their say on whether or not a proposed nuclear power plant should be developed in Anglesey, North Wales, around 130 miles from north Wexford.

The closing date for public submissions relating to the proposed development of the Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Plant is Friday, January 25.

The public submissions are being invited as part of a transboundary public consultation process which is part of an EU directive relating to assessment of the affects of certain public and private projects on the environment.

Member states are required to engage in transboundary public consultation in respect of projects likely to have significant affects on the environment of neighbouring states as part of the overall environmental impact assessment of the proposed development.

Wexford County Council, along with other planning authorities across Ireland, received a letter dated July 8, 2018, from the UK Planning Inspectorate (PINS) to the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government (DHPLG) relating to the planning application for the proposed nuclear plant.

The proposed development makes provision for a new, nuclear electricity generating station on the north coast of Anglesey at a location a little over 130 miles from north Wexford.

The plant, if given the go-ahead, will have a projected electrical output of 3.1 gigawatts.

The project is being undertaken by Horizon Nuclear Power and the site is located on land adjacent to the former Magnox Wylfa Power Station which is being decommissioned.

The new station will have two nuclear reactors, a marine off-loading facility and electricity transmission infrastructure.

Members of the public along the south east coast of Ireland are invited to make submissions about the proposal by close of business on Friday, January 25.

Wexford County Council is one of the local authorities that will send copies of the submissions it receives to the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and members of the public are encouraged to have their say.

Once that process is completed the planning authority will forward all submissions it receives through the public consultation process to the UK's Planning Inspectorate.

All submissions and observations relating to the development proposal should be forward to: Planning Section, Wexford County Council, County Hall, Carricklawn, Wexford, or to

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