Sunday 17 December 2017

Number of objectives to be achieved this year

By Esther Hayden


A one year plan will tackle crime in Wexford this year.

The new plan which will focus on three key areas, crime prevention, reduction in anti-social behaviour and the misuse of drugs.

The plan forms part of a long term six year plan for the county in respect of reducing the crime statistics and the first year of the plan has a number of specific targets, all of which are expected to be met this year.

In terms of crime prevention and community safety one of the main areas where the Joint Policing Committee (JPC) will focus will be on community text alert schemes. The members were told that it is planned to establish five new community text alert schemes this year in a bid to reduce robberies, burglaries and other related crimes.

Anyone who signs up to the scheme will receive a text alerting them to any suspicious behaviour in the specific area and it will also be a way for people to learn about the need for good home security measures.

Traffic measures and road safety will also be beefed up while planning for major events.

Another strand will be the development of a communications strategy which will be headed up by David Minogue who is the communications officer with Wexford County Council. This is to help people understand the role of the JPC

In terms of the reduction of anti-social behaviour much of the focus will be on establishing a pilot project on local policing in Courtown and Riverchapel which has seen a lot of problems in recent times. The council will also be working on drafting a comprehensive county wide consumption and misuse of alcohol byelaws. These will be introduced in the bid to see a reduction in alcohol and drug related crime. Coupled with that a pilot community education programme will also be introduced.

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