Thursday 14 December 2017

Offending driver had 'medical emergency'

A CASTLEBRIDGE resident who drove a car without insurance, tax or a licence due to a medical emergency is facing a community service order.

Gary Kavanagh (22), of 13 Ard Alainn, Castlebridge, admitted to the offences when he appeared before Wexford District Court last Tuesday. Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla heard that when Kavanagh was stopped at Glasganny by Garda Tony Connolly he was in the middle of a medical emergency.

Kavanagh's solicitor said his client had a cyst which burst and he was on his way to his mother's house. A medical report was handed into Judge O Buachalla verifying this. The court heard that Kavanagh had bought the car, his first, for a few hundred euro to get started on the road, but had since got rid of it due to the 'fright' of being stopped by Garda Connolly and the subsequent charges.

Kavanagh's solicitor confirmed that he has never held an insurance policy on any vehicle.

Judge O Buachalla asked if Kavanagh would avail of community service if he was afforded that opportunity. He said he would. The case was adjourned until November 2 so the probation service can assess if he is a suitable candidate for community service.

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