Monday 16 September 2019

One metre a year is being lost to the sea

Carne Beach where there are concerns about erosion.
Carne Beach where there are concerns about erosion.

By Esther Hayden

Wexford's coastline is rapidly disappearing with the county losing one meter of the coastline each year because of erosion.

Wexford County Council engineer Gerry Forde presented the members of the council with a report of coastal protection at the January meeting.

He said there were only two points in the county where they were gaining land, south of Kilmuckridge and at Cullen's Point.

'The coastline is likely to change at an unprecedented rate. Every 0.1 meter rise in the sea level will result in a 1meter loss (of coastline).'

He said that €190,000 is spent on beach maintenance throughout the county, €410,000 on piers and harbours and €224,000 on water safety.

Mr Forde also said that there are 24 Natura 2000 sites in the county, 22 of which are on the coast.

There are plans to develop a coastal path with a number of neighbouring local authorities and a feasibility study should be completed within the new few months. He said that a similar coastal path in Wales is worth €60miillion a year to the country.

Cllr Ger Carthy said he was very concerned about the level of erosion and said 'Carne is being wiped off the map. I think that area and the surrounding areas should be given the due amount of coastal protection'. Mr Forde said the council is 'monitoring Carne and is very conscious of the damage being done there'.

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