Monday 23 October 2017

Open letter to Wexford TDs on migrant crisis

Dear Deputies,

I am an ordinary Wexford man, a father and a husband.

I have been shocked to the core by the terrible images of the suffering of the refugees seeking sanctuary and a better life, being herded on and off trains, confronted by razor wire and security dogs, by police armed with batons and pepper spray, forced to live in primitive camps and met with suspicion and hostility.

Where is our humanity?

The latest harrowing pictures of the three-year-old washed ashore with his elder brother and mother on a beach in Turkey should serve to focus the minds of all of us on the need for something to be done.

What I want to know deputies is what are you doing? And what can I do to help as an ordinary person?

In my opinion, we need a coordinated response. The piecemeal campaigns we see on social media are well-intentioned but are not in themselves an answer.

Sending ships to the Mediterranean to save the refugees from drowning is fine, but turning our backs when they reach Europe's shores is simply not acceptable.

And we need to to distance ourselves from thinking that this tragedy is not a common tragedy for us all, and that Ireland already has its fair share of refugees. It's one in which we need to act before it's too late.

Dear deputies, it's time you stepped up to the plate and showed some leadership.

Mick Reade,


Wexford People

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