Monday 20 November 2017

2016 resolutions: sunscreen - but shares, wave goodbye to Trump

Donald Trump - world leader or out of control billionaire ?
Donald Trump - world leader or out of control billionaire ?

2015 has been a year with many highs and also Donald Trump.

As we acclimatise to our balmy festive period and venture outdoors, finding our feet again after spending too long on sofas, we can say the year has been memorable on a global front. The climate change deal was a step forward and one has to be concerned about the scale of our environmental issues, for the entire world to come together and agree on something.

Domestically we've seen Dublin roar back to life and yet, in the slipstream, more and more people are becoming homeless. Along the east coast a new motorway was finished with contracts signed on another and if you read the press releases everything is rosy in the garden.

The reality is something altogether different. On a taxi drive to the Christmas party I heard a single father tell of how he only had enough coal to last from Monday to Wednesday last winter.

'Things are better this year, I've fuel for the week.'

So the boom is but a whimper in Wexford and Wicklow, but, in hope, we can anticipate a better 2016.

I've used these column inches for cathartic purposes many times over the past 12 months and thanks for putting up with me. The Good Woman has featured quite a bit, as have the in-laws, the babysitter, my colleagues, the girls at the creche and of course The Whirlwind Princess and The Little Fella.

I've written about cooker pow wows, holidays, weekend adventures, burned dinners and a lot more.

The year was a major learning curve adapting to the needs of two rapidly growing children. At times you'd love THE parents to move in or a team of au pairs to help you get everything done, but neither is practical in our case.

2016 will have a political hue to it in the Looby household, with me casting votes in the General Election and the American Presidential election. The Good Woman, who also works in the media, will also be up to ninety with the election.

The recent RTE Investigates expose on corruption within local politics has done the country a great service, even if it was not reflective of the sheer effort countless of our county councillors put into their jobs doing the little stuff that makes communities tick.

There will be new faces and old faces, old policies dressed up as new policies and promises to beat the band.

At least we don't have Donald Trump.

Trump is like global warming - everyone wants rid of him but he's here to stay, or it seems.

Having insulted practically every ethnic minority, people with disabilities, women and his opponents, maybe his circus show will run its course, but he has one gold arrow to his glittering bow, anger.

He represents an angry electorate in America, a sick middle class, many of whom are so wrapped up in their own problems, be they health, financial, employment etc, that they have become increasingly insular in the self proclaimed land of the free.

If the success of Trump's landslide polls says anything it says wake up people. Get out of your slump. If not this billionaire with a dodgy haircut will soon be calling the shots.

In 2016 I will try harder, read more, get inspired more, stop watching so much TV, rant, rant, rant and NOT vote for Donald Trump. I may also invest in sunscreen as I have a feeling the time of white Christmasses in America and here has flown.

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