Wednesday 23 October 2019

Cartoonish Trump in desperate bid to stop election implosion

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

AMAZING! Just when you thought US Presidential candidate Donald Trump couldn't sink any lower he uncovers a whole new underworld of nastiness to unleash on the planet. The not-at-all suprising revelations that he bragged about sexual assault captured in a 2005 recording released by the Washington Post on Friday, show his vulgar and vile self in all its ugliness. His comments befit the man who is increasingly taking on the role of an orange carnival villain of old. In the recording Trump bragged that he kisses women without permission and he can 'grab them by the p****' because he's a star.

You can just imagine his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway ordering valium and tearing her hair out as she peruses the quality American newspapers every day as they dig further and further into the quarry load of dirt that is her charge.

Conway said she would stick with the Trump campaign during an interveiw on Monday, shortly after the second presidential debate during which he referred to Ms Clinton as 'the devil'.

At the debate, Trump apologised about the crude remarks, dismissing them as 'locker room talk'.

The latest revelations have caused up to 33 high profile Republicans, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack Welch and Senator John McCain to withdraw their support.

In America, where Trump is regarded by many as an iconic businessman who is decisive, the revelations haven't changed as many minds as common sense would assume.

Trump can be accused of almost everything under the sun, apart from a lack of self belief that is.

In Sunday night's debate he proved once again how able he is at twisting the finger of accusation back on the accuser and out noising them at every opportunity.

The gloves came off and Clinton hammered Trump about his sexual assault comments. He, in turn, described her husband, former president Bill Clinton as the most abusive politician in the history of American politics.

'There's never been anybody in the history of politics that has been so abusive to women,' he said.

Ms Clinton refused to address his comments about her husband.

An hour before the debate began, Mr Trump appeared at a news conference with women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct. He concluded by saying that as president he would order a federal investigation into Mrs Clinton that would end up with her imprisonment, flogging the same dead horse.

As if by clockwork before the debate he joined three women who allege the former president sexually assaulted them and called the women 'very courageous'. Many believed Clinton, would land a death blow to Trump's camapign but this never materialised.

A leak of a different kind landed Michael Noonan and Fine Gael big wigs in hot water last week when Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary compared RTÉ to a 'rat-infested North Korean union shop' and said striking gardaí should be sacked in his speech to Fine Gael fundraiser.

Introducing the Ryanair boss, Minister for Finance Noonan labelled him 'Ireland's leading altogether decent man'. Mr O'Leary did not hold back with his views on threatened Garda strikes next month, calling the move 'immoral' during an address to a pre-budget event.

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