Sunday 17 December 2017

Costing local jobs and harming environment

Rubbish on in the dyke just up from Kilgarvan Graveyard near Carroreigh .
Rubbish on in the dyke just up from Kilgarvan Graveyard near Carroreigh .

Dear Editor,

I am writing in relation to one of last week's letters criticizing those who do not clean up after their dogs.

I have to agree with Ms. Sharon Swords in that many people seem to feel no responsibility to keep shared and community spaces clean.

After living in France, a country famed for the subject of Ms. Swords' letter, I seem to have developed a radar for dog excrement and not only do I instinctively never step in it, I don't even notice it.

What I do find incredibly hard not to notice however is the general littering that seems to pervade every street and town in County Wexford.

I know the country as a whole quite well and with the exception of the N/M11 road in Wicklow and the north city centre in Dublin, I have not thus far witnessed littering on the scale it seems to exist in Wexford.

At times, I don't even like to go for a walk on the quiet country roads where I live as the constant trail of soft drink cans and plastic bottles, cigarette packets, plastic milk bottles, plastic bags and even shoes and clothes make me despair at the continued selfishness and lack of respect that seems to characterise many peoples' attitudes to the environment.

The long term environment damage aside, this problem risks tarnishing the future image of both Wexford and Ireland as tourist destinations, ultimately costing us much needed jobs.


Donnacha O'Ceallaigh


Wexford People

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