Sunday 18 August 2019

Incredible times we're living in as Twitter Trump and Fair City erupt

A bad week for Fair City scriptwriters all round.
A bad week for Fair City scriptwriters all round.

By david looby

IMPEACHMENT is my new favourite word.

'Donald Trump to be impeached' would be my favourite expression, if it ever happens, and here's hoping it does. He even looks like a peach, albeit more like one from a Roald Dahl story.

Talk about a bad week at the office for the beleaguered American President, who is increasingly looking like a Game of Thrones king, under attack, armed with only an iPhone for protection.

Having fired FBI chief James Comey, who he went on to call a 'nutjob', Trump absconded to Saudi Arabia, where he was treated like a dragon god of war. He managed to sign a deal to sell tens of billions of dollars of weapons, while getting pally with other misogynists in a country known for supressing women's rights to the point of death.

Next up is the Pope and the EU, where he will throw his weight around again, no doubt. Apparently half of his cabinet are following him around, fearful that they, too, will get fired if they don't add oxygen to his inflated ego. For a man who is barely a firestorm 100 days in charge of the most powerful country in the world, he is not even close to achieving any of his goals.

Like Icarus he has flown too close to the sun, by which I mean up his b*m. So long as he continues to blame his team for everything that is going wrong and so long as they continue to support him by pointing the finger of blame at each other, the longer he will survive. Ever since Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn resigned under pressure from him in February for his alleged chin wagging with Russian officials and for apparently undisclosed paid speaking engagements in Russia, the presidential plot took a dark twist.

Meanwhile, back in Ireland, pressure on the script writers at Fair City to untwist a messy plotline seems to have reached fever pitch. As someone who hasn't watched the show in decades, I've been spared the storyline involving Katy O'Brien, who has been under lock and key for over a year. A petition of thousands of signatures has called for her to be released. Katy O'Brien memes have been cropping up all over Twitter as people lose their nut waiting for the national broadcaster to cave in.

The scriptwriters must be at their wits' end looking to find an iota of excitement to light up RTE.

Another person having a bad week is me. On a very busy work day, (if you call this work, I managed to lock myself out of my wife's house yesterday (it's complicated!), while trying to get the children off to school, the following ensued: I turned the key in the door only for the children to run out into the driveway; I chased after them closing the door (which locks upon closing) behind me; I went to the shed, no spare key; I called her up, she had brought the key into the house and never returned it; we argued briefly; I walked my son to creche and then got a lift to my daughter's school; I returned to my house, keyless and carless. A neighbour drove me to Waterford to pick up a key; on the way back there was a bridge lift, yes a bridge lift!; I got to the house and the key wouldn't turn as my key was on the other side; I went around back and fell against the back door exhausted and it opened!

Finally, last week one of my musical heroes died, apparently by suicide. Chris Cornell was one of the greatest rock singers of the past few decades. He seemed like he had it all and musically he had. His loss had me reeling for days. RIP, Chris.

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