Saturday 21 September 2019

John Delaney's load of Blatter and the Little Fella's love of the word 'No'

David Looby
David Looby

By David Looby

ONE word was uttered in the Looby house last weekend which is sure to change everything, forever.

The Little Fella offered a full mouthed 'No' when asked to come over to be changed. The glee with which he repeated it had The Good Woman and I concerned. It was the first of many 'no's', chanted in a sing song way, so we're definitely in for it.

The Whirlwind Princess has long been a 'no' person, especially when it comes to my clothes choices first thing in the morning, and often when asked to step away from the television. A resounding 'no' always puts me in my place.

The Little Fella has a way of convincing you to forgive his every slap and misdeed, small as they are. The open mouthed, expressive faced one is hard to be angry at, even as he is pucking you in the head, or making a mess with every step, wilfully, with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

He has come to look up to his sister, and not just physically. So much so that he starts to ball if she isn't in bed opposite him when it's time to close the curtains on another day. On the no front she's definitely teaching him a thing or two.

All us Looby's were feeling the after effects of our holiday this week. Everything was a chore and sleep patterns were all over the place, but we muddled through and arrived in one piece at the weekend.

Being of a laid back nature I was happy to put the feet up and watch the Champions League final, the tennis and two snails climbing up the walls, if that was the entertainment on offer. Anything, so long as it meant doing nothing. My better half is of more action packed stuff and she set about transforming the garden, again!

The news was full of John Delaney scandal reports and having enjoyed a decent soccer match, played by true professionals who love the game, it was sickening to learn that the disgraceful Thierry Henry handball was the least repugnant aspect of the whole affair. It proved to be nothing compared to the underhanded wink wink, nudge nudge deals going on behind closed doors, between businessmen and so called representatives of the Beautiful Game.

Sepp Blatter is but the gash fronting an altogether more deep rooted and infected bodily wound.

As with everything all one has to do is follow the money. After it emerged that the Football Association of Ireland had pocketed €5m in hush money to keep us schtum after we were unfairly dumped out of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, which probably should never have taken place there, Delaney came out saying we should have went for €10m.

Tell that to the thousands of fans who had to swallow that loss to France. Tell it to the players who missed out on a once in a lifetime chance at playing in a world cup and to the viewers back home.

The circus surrounding Blatter is nauseating and Delaney is part of it, whether he likes it or not. Like any massive association there is always going to be corruption. Pacts will be made, deals entered into.

Sepp Blatter was the despotic glue holding it all together and anyone who came in contact with him, be it at a social function or at a committee table meeting, came to quickly know the type of person he was. Delaney said he stood up to Blatter when he made eyes at his wife. Fair play. Good smoke screen too.

The real issue is that a deal was done and Blatter was able to continue in his role for years.

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