Wednesday 23 October 2019

Sixteen years of married life and I have to say I wouldn't swap him for the world

By Justine O'Mahony

Our 16th wedding anniversary is coming up. Sixteen years of sharing my life, my bed and my wine with the same man. It's nothing short of a miracle. Some would say he deserves a medal. I'd say he won the Lotto when he met me - and then I spent it!

But without blowing my own trumpet here, I have to say, I'm actually quite easy to live with. I'm a great woman for making him cups of tea and biscuits. I hardly ever give out that he watches too much sport or that he uses my lovely cushions as supports for his feet. I always leave two Solpadeine and a pint of water on the hall table for him after a night out with the boys and I leave him have a lie in if he's suffering the next day.

I'm a bloody marvellous my opinion! He on the other hand thinks I'm high maintenance. He says I spend too much money, I drink too much wine, I'm a terrible cook and I let the children away with murder. He's probably right on most counts but I definitely don't drink too much wine!

So despite the fact I can't stand that he leaves his nail clippings in the bathroom sink and tosses his dirty socks under the bed, I still wouldn't swap him for the world. And although I drive him crazy with my inane chatter and that I rob his razor to shave my legs, I don't think he'd dump me either unless Angelina happens to be passing our door any time soon.

How do I know that? Well I don't really. It's just a feeling. Marriage to me isn't about romance which is just as well because I married a man who couldn't spell the word never mind know what it means. A good marriage is about mutual respect, support, little kindnesses and above all else laughter. If someone can make you laugh in the darkest of times, they're a keeper.

And yes there are times when I could, not just strangle him but inflict serious bodily injury, but then I think, 'but if I did that who would put petrol in my car, take the bins out, warm my feet at night? Who would have my back?'

So here's to 16 years of someone having my back and I would like to say, here's to 16 more, but I don't want to tempt fate or push my luck.

Everyone has their limits!

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