Monday 22 January 2018

The Golden Girls holiday is going well, even if it could use a gin boost or two!

BY Justine O'Mahony

Justine O'Mahony
Justine O'Mahony

HOLIDAY UPDATE: We arrived at our holiday destination safe and sound, sober and without having fallen out.

The main reason we were sober was Ryanair had run out of all beverages on the plane, including tea and coffee! I promised the hassled air hostess that I'd have words with Michael O'Leary after she gave me a stray miniature gin she found, although the only mixer she had was iced tea!! Won't be drinking that again in a hurry!

Anyhow, four days in and we're still getting on grand. We've decided to call ourselves The Golden Girls on Tour seeing as we're no spring chickens anymore. It started as a joke but now I'm beginning to think it's a bit close to the bone! The biggest difference I've noticed between going on a girlie holiday in your Twenties and one in your Forties is tea. Pots of tea and lots of it!

Two of my fellow travellers haven't stopped drinking it since we got here. A pot of tea first thing in the morning, one at lunch time, one at Gin O'Clock (which really upset me to be honest. Everybody knows 5 O'Clock is Gin O'Clock on holidays!) and last thing at night.

The first night I got all set with with my slices of lemon, ice and long glasses only to be told 'No', we're having a cup of tea.

A cup of feckin' tea? Seriously?!

And then there's the chat. Years ago we spent our time talking about fellas and hangovers and which bar we'd go to the following night. This time round it's all talk of Spanx, middle age spread, hormones and the best way to get rid of unwanted hair! There was even talk of taking a local yoga class and running but I had to put a stop to that. Who in the name of God does yoga on holidays unless you're at a buddhist retreat?!

The only man that has looked at us is an old Lucky Lucky guy with teeth like your man from Austin Powers, selling plastic parrots and Sombreros. To add insult to injury the only reason he was looking at us was because he thought we'd be stupid enough to buy something from him!

I texted my mother in law to tell her I definitely drink more when I'm on holidays with her, she replied "Those girls do not know how to party!"

But hopefully we'll come home bronzed and relaxed having chilled out for seven days, reading books, chatting, having the odd gin and tonic and lots of cups of tea!

We'll have set the world to rights, sorted out the Marriage Equality Referendum, figured out the best way to lose weight and hopefully still be friends.What more could you ask for?

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