Sunday 18 August 2019

There's nothing quite like catching a few good discount deals

Justine O'Mahony.
Justine O'Mahony.

By Justine O'Mahony

Seeing as all my electronic devices were confiscated last week, I had to resort to other activities to entertain myself.

If I'm to be totally honest, I must confess that I broke the ban after 6 hours and escaped to the ensuite with my phone up my top! Himself obviously assumed I had a touch of the runs because when I came out he told me I looked a bit pale and offered to make me a cup of tea! I was probably pale from the fact I'd missed out on so much gossip over the previous six hours prohibition!

Anyway to cut a long story short, because I wasn't wasting hours of my time envying the lives of people more glamorous and exciting than me on Instagram, I decided to run a few errands in town that I had been putting on the long finger-school books, uniforms, shoes, those tedious tasks that every mother dreads at the end of summer.

It was while I was looking for a pair of shoes that The Teenager would deem acceptable to wear to school (and the school would deem acceptable too and not something out of the costume department of Love/Hate) that I stumbled across Dealz.

Now I had never heard of this place before, no one let me in on the secret but it's one of those shops where you can buy anything from toilet roll to superglue, ashtrays and multipacks of crisps. But the best bit of all is everything is €1.49! It is a veritable treasure trove of crap. I picked up a basket and filled it with all kinds of junk. Our cupboards now are spilling over with crisps of every variety, biscuits, multi packs of Chocolate Oranges, Wispas, Double Deckers and Wagon Wheels, basically anything that has zero nutritional content is in there! The children are ecstatic and myself and Himself will be in Weight Watchers by the end of the month.

The following day a new Aldi opened up, just down the road. I was on a roll by then and only dying to sniff out a few bargains. In I went, having met half the town in the carpark all pretending that they didn't really have any interest but still clutching big plastic bags full of stuff.

Half way down the fecky decky aisle (you know the one that has sink plungers, garden gloves and tea towels) I spotted a guy I had known years ago. At the time he was a bit of a dude, man about town who loved the ladies and the high life. Sheepishly he looked at me across the pile of plastic storage boxes and said, 'I only came in for a look," as he tried to hide his basket full of cheap socks and gardening tools.

It was harder to hide my basket which contained a nest of tables, a pouffe and three bottles of Malbec. 'Well I don't know about you, but this has been the highlight of my week! Oh except for Dealz, I was there yesterday. Everything €1.49.'

He tried to feign nonchalance but then spotted the contents of my basket. 'Hey, where did you get the pouffe?'

Bet I'll see him again next week when the sportswear is on special!

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