Monday 26 August 2019

Outboards stolen in Rosslare harbour raid

By David tucker

Once again the local fishing community in Rosslare Harbour has been targeted by thieves with three outboard motors stolen from boats stored in a 'boat safe' during the early hours of last Tuesday.

Despite CCTV, security gates and regular security guard visits, the thieves had time to cut through bolts, remove the engines, store them and drive away.

The gardai have been informed and CCTV footage has been made available for inspection. The boats were moored in the Small Boat Safe in Rosslare Harbour.

One of the engines belonged to Madeleine Quirke, a local resident and CEO of Wexford Chamber. Madeleine's brother, Billy Beardwood was a fisherman down in Rosslare Harbour. Billy died back in 2010 and his boat has been in her possession since then.

'Razor Bill' and its engine are of great sentimental value to Madeleine who said she was devastated that this special association she had with her late brother 'has been broken by absolute wasters who believe they can just help themselves to other people's property'.

'I love fishing and it is something that I hold very dear to my heart. That somebody can just come along and rob people of such valuable possessions is beyond belief,' she said.

Another engine belonged to local fisherman John Culleton and the third to Quirkey Boating. a small outdoor sailing and fishing enterprise that operates out of Rosslare Harbour.

Anyone with with information should contact the the gardai in Rosslare Harbour.

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