Friday 24 November 2017

Outrage as Yankee Slipway closed off without discussion

By Esther Hayden

Yankee Slipway
Yankee Slipway
Yankee Slipway

There was an outcry last week that the historic Yankee Slipway was barricaded off.

Cllr Davy Hynes said he had received several complaints from people about the slipway. 'I understand it has been blocked off and I've been told it's to do with flooding. Surely we could do something like we have done in the Crescent using temporary flood barriers.

'People are saying that it has been defaced and that it should have been left as it was.'

He was supported by Cllr George Lawlor who said he had also received a number of complaints. 'From a public relations point of view this has been very poor. There are a lot of people interested in maritime history and this slipway has always been of interest. Now it has been blocked off without any discussion and we have people up in arms.

'Instead of bringing this to the table we (the councillors) didn't know about this until the blocks had been laid. It could have been discussed. In addition to complaints from people interested in the history of it there has been complaints from people who use it for putting barges into water there.' He said that he had been told the slipway was the best place to launch a barge and this was causing great inconvenience.

Mayor Ger Carthy said he had spoken to senior engineer Gerry Forde who said it had been done because of flooding in Ferrybank. 'This is a very historic area. There are other systems in place in the town for flooding and I think the works here (at the slipway) should be stopped.'

Cllr Hynes said 'it's annoying to be told after things happen. We should be told these things. People get very annoyed and we're often the last to be told'.

Cllr Jim Moore said that next year is the 100th anniversary of the slipway and it would be important to bear this in mind when carrying out works.

Director of Services Tony Larkin said that he also didn't know about the works adding 'I've no idea what's going on' but said he would look into the matter. He asked if work had now stopped at the slipway and Mayor Carthy said 'the senior engineer wasn't for turning' and work was still continuing.

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